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Sonoma’s First Frost – Spot on

Hello There Friends! My goodness it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything! I apologize about that, but sometimes you just need a good blog break, don’t you? I hope to be back with some sort of regularity.

A few months ago when Scott & I taught our winter gardening class with Rebecca at the Sonoma Garden Park, she mentioned that the first frost date for Sonoma was set at November 15th. Usually those dates are just a guideline, but this year, it was spot on. When I woke up yesterday, November 15th, the thermometer was below 30 degrees and the grass was lightly blanketed with white frost. A late morning walk outside showed the evidence, the patty pan squash was toast, the basil was brown and our pumpkin plant was as flat as a pancake.

Winter gardening has official begun!


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