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Christmas Gifts to Make (with Christmas Label Download)


Each year at Christmas time I enjoy making a few things for friends. Many times it’s cookies, but after experimenting with so many lotions and potions this past year, I thought it would be nice to group them all together (with a new label, of course!) into one place. In this thrift store found basket that I lined with a red cloth napkin, I placed a jar of my August made applesauce, a jar of home made hand lotion, a tin of homemade deodorant and a bottle of baking soda hair rinse. All easy and thrift things you can make in your kitchen.

The hand lotion and applesauce are bottled up exactly as I previously wrote about. The hair rinse is a ratio of 1 tablespoon baking soda to 1 cup of water. You can read about how I use baking soda to wash my hair. And the deodorant is the same recipe as I posted, but I split the recipe in half and poured it into these adorable 2 ounce tins from Mountain Rose Herbs.

It’s my guess that you already have olive oil, baking soda and cornstarch (and applesauce or other summer canned goodness) in your kitchen, so the only other ingredients you need will be listed below. I roughly estimate that if you buy all the listed ingredients it should cost about $28 and you can get about 6 batches of deodorant and 15 batches of lotion from them. My guess is that if you made about 6 baskets, it would cost you less than $5 per basket. Not bad for such a cute gift!


The label design is inspired by my love of all things Scandinavian at Christmas time. I just love the simple white and red and that folksy cross stitching is so sweet. On the Christmas Label Download Page there are two sized labels, one for wide mouth canning jars and one for small mouth jars. Print them out at full size (Adobe Reader tends to shrink things slightly, so double check in your print window that it doesn’t reduce your file.) on Avery Sticker Project Paper. Cut them out and you are ready to adorn your gifts. Enjoy!


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