Walk Through Our Garden ~ Pictures of Early December

Early Bloomer

Early Blooming Camellia.
Jasmine & Japanese Barberry

To hide a view we aren’t crazy about, I spent some time stringing wire along the fence this summer and training star jasmine up them. Hopefully next summer it will be almost a full wall of blooming jasmine. That’s Japanese Barberry in the front because I’ve never been able to resist the ever changing colors of their leaves.
Old Asparagus, New Arugula

Old Asparagus, New Arugula
The Storm Blew the Leaves Off
The Forest Floor
Bark TeePee

We had an incredible wind storm last weekend. The strongest we’ve had since we can remember. It stripped all the leaves off our fruit trees and littered our lawns with sequoia and oak debris. We made mini teepees with our finds.
December in Our Yard

As much as I enjoy the green lushness of spring, I really do like the stark gray of winter in our garden too.

I’d love to see what your garden looks like now. If you have pictures on a blog or flickr or somewhere, do share the link!


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6 responses to “Walk Through Our Garden ~ Pictures of Early December

  1. The tee pee is priceless. And frameable. I love this charting of the seasons. My back deck looks like spent tomato plants and lazy peppers turning red. I’ll have to venture further to see what the wedding camellia is doing. Yesterday I saw a magnolia tree from the bus in full bloom. It really is too early. Isn’t it?

  2. Beautiful December garden! I just managed to finish a post of ours as well.

  3. This is our “working” garden across the street. http://weharvestlife.blogspot.com/2009/11/heres-overview-of-mostly-winter-garden.html

    We haven’t taken many pictures of ours yet, but we expect to clean up a bit for the Christmas homecoming of family, especially son #2 from Ft. Bragg. He hasn’t been home since June. We’ll try to get some pictures soon.

    Steve (Maureen’s husband)

  4. Gorgeous photos, especially the second one of the grass.

    We’ve neglected our garden for a bit now. No photos to share. 😦

  5. beautiful presentation of a Sonoma winter . . . !

  6. diana

    Lovely! It was -14F here this morning and everything is covered with snow, don’t think I’ll get that last pachage of bulbs in the ground.

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