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A List of the Best Gardening Blogs

It has been gray and cold and all around dreary in this Sonoma Garden lately. While I usually don’t complain about cold or overcast, after a full week or more of it, I will admit defeat and say that I wish we could have a sunny day. Something to get me inspired and geared up for the upcoming growing season. Luckily the seed catalogs have started to pour in and along with those and this list of inspiring gardening blogs, I have been feeling the gardening bug again. Below is a great list of garden/natural living blogs, some I have been reading for a long while, others are brand new to me. Some I learn tons from, others I wish the authors were my next door neighbors so we could be friends. But all are inspiring.

I encourage you to check them all out and if I’ve left out your favorite garden blog, please add it in the comments below!



Bella Madris

(not so) Urban Hennery

Kale for Sale

Down to Earth

Daphne’s Dandelions


Throwback at Trapper Creek

The Family Garden

One Green Generation

Skippy’s Vegetable Garden


Limes & Lycopene

Suburban Sharecroppers

Viggies Veggies

Sicilian Sisters Grow Some Food


Flower Hill Farm

Maybelline’s Garden

Unfortunately Riana at These Days in French Life has closed her blog, but luckily you can keep up with her inspirational writing and photography on her flickr page.


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