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There really are things growing out there!

Although we’ve spent much of our winter so far out of the garden, believe it or not there are still things growing out there. Even I am surprised to see it all when I walk outside. But there they are growing away, slowly, but growing all the same.
This is our first year growing turnips. They are as easy to grow as beets, which they sit right next too, and are a great addition to soups and other roasted delights we make. Plus the leaves, which have a spicy mustard like taste, are great stir fried with garlic.
(beets with carrots and bok choy behind)
Celery root, or celeriac, is also new to our garden. We bought this plant from the Sonoma Garden Park plant sale back in…oh, I think September….
We have more romanesco broccoli growing too.
Earlier in fall, the chard and the chervil were sharing this raised bed in a nice neighborly way. But now it seems like despite it’s delicate looking nature the chervil is taking over and leaving no victims.

What’s growing in your winter garden?


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