Rain, rain, go away (at least for a couple of days)

Has it ever been rainy around here! The past two days the sun has peeked out just a bit, just to tease me, but the overcast skies always come back. Looking in the paper this morning the future only calls for more rain.
Normally I don’t complain much about rain, I really do love it. But I admit after weeks of rain, I’m ready a break of sunny days now! How about you locals? Are you ready for sun too?


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6 responses to “Rain, rain, go away (at least for a couple of days)

  1. Like you, I adore rain….but I was so happy to see a bit of sun this week 🙂

  2. I have mislaid my sunglasses. Today is something of a trial — the sun just reveals that the weeds have run rampant. At least when it’s raining I can pretend that I have to stay inside and ignore them!

    I’m definitely looking forward to longer, sunnier days, just not until I dig out from my grading pile.

  3. Beautiful pictures! In my area, they are forecasting snow! I hope we don’t get much. 🙂

  4. Victoria

    Lovely photos – I miss the northern CA rain. Wish you could send some of it our way, to Tucson AZ!

  5. I too love the rain, I’d prefer we don’t get our year’s worth within a few weeks time though! I hope you are enjoying a crisp and sunny weekend like I am down here south of you.

  6. You’re missing your calling. You could be a professional photographer — or are you?

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