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Spring Blooms

Spring has begun to flower out here in Sonoma! Always the first to make it’s appearance is the cherry plum tree, but the nectarine and plum aren’t far behind.
This year we are hell bent on not having peach leaf curl on our trees, like last year. Last year we were bad about spraying through winter and our nectarine tree took the brunt of the peach leaf curl the worst. All the leaves were affected and all curled up and fell off. With great luck a new batch of leaves grew out and were fine, however the fruit we received was smaller than usual and had some damage to it.
We spray with a copper spray, which is probably the most inorganic thing we do in our yard, however peach leaf curl has become something of an enemy to us, so we’ve loosened our reigns on our ‘only organic’ stance on that nasty fungus. The rule of thumb is to spray on the three winter holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines. We missed Thanksgiving, but we got Christmas in and Valentines. Just in time too because the trees are just about to burst forward in bloom and you want to get your spraying in before that happens.

Did you spray this winter?


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