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Amongst the rare times when the rain stops, we have been able to run outside quickly to plant a few things. We filled our newest raised bed chalk full of spring goodness, daikons, butterhead lettuce, gai choy mustard, brussel sprouts, beets and cilantro. That was on February 18th that we were able to do that and already everything is coming up:
We also started some summer seeds this past weekend which we are keeping warm in our makeshift greenhouse…more on that later…
Onions also got put into the ground a few weeks ago. They were a couple of weeks later going in than last year, but I don’t think they’ll mind too much. We planted copious amounts of onions last winter and enjoyed them all the way through this winter. After we pulled them last summer and let them dry a bit we stored them in our laundry room which goes unheated and they kept there well until the first rains came, October I think. When we started to notice a bit of mold growing on them we quickly cut them all up and froze them to use all winter long. We hope this next year is just as productive for this round. This year we chose Red Tropea Torpedo Onions and First Edition Onions both from Sonoma Mission Gardens. If you are new to growing onions, please read Onions: All You Need to Know for a primer.

Have you put any new seeds in the ground lately?


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