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A Springy Hand Lotion Update

Hello There! Are you enjoying this beautiful spring weather? I hope it is spring like where you live. For a few days in a row we’ve had amazing blue skies and warm sun. Although temperatures have been around freezing at night. Which means that since we are in wine country, we wake up to the loud hum of the vineyard fans running, trying to keep the frost from damaging the tender new buds.

I’ve had a few people comment lately that they’ve tried making the homemade hand lotion I posted but that it kept separating. I’ve been making this for over a year and a half, probably about once a month and haven’t had it separate on me yet, so the only thing I can think that might make a difference are in the temperatures. Each microwave is so different, and I’m sure some have tried this on the stovetop too. Our microwave was my grandmas, so it has be to close to 20 years old! (Do you think it’s shedding all sorts of radioactive waves when it’s on? That’s what I fear. I need to read up on old microwaves.) Anyway, today I needed to replenish my supply, so when I made it, I took the temperature of each step. I updated my How to Make Hand Lotion page (which I actually use as an all over body lotion) so check that out if you have been wanting to give it a try.

I’ll be back soon with a recipe on how to make your own laundry detergent. I made sure to use it for a good long time before I wrote about it because I’d hate to share something that doesn’t work. Enjoy your day!


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