Boys in the Garden

Spring Backyard

Happy Spring to everyone! Sorry for the long absence in writing. I suppose with all of this lovely spring weather and all the garden work we’ve been doing, time to post has been hard to find.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a full shot of our garden area. I’ve just never found the right spot to take it all in for you, however thanks to inspiration from Mr. Hockney, above is where we grow our veggies (you can see it larger here). Last weekend Scott and the boys really got hard at work. We try to involve our two young boys in as much of the gardening as they want to, which actually is quite a bit. What’s not to love? At this point in the year it’s all about playing in the dirt. Our oldest loves to weed and our youngest loves to harvest so between them both, we have quite the crew.

Last Sunday after a trip down to the Farmers Market, Scott took them outside and while he dug the beds, our 5 year old filled the wheel barrow with compost. Scott would roll it to the intended bed, dump it out and then our little guy would rake it over the bed! Amazing little worker. His little brother, who’s 3, just made sure to get good and dirty.
For Christmas, Santa put a pair of pint sized gardening gloves into each boys stocking and they turned out to be just perfectly sized and sturdy enough for two rough and tumble lads. I’m not sure how long their love for gardening will last, but we enjoy it while they are willing to help. A few weeks ago my oldest and I were out front planting a bunch of flowers in six packs. We heard his brother playing out back in their play area and I said to him, you know, you can go play with your brother if you want. His reply, ‘No mom, planting is fun!’

We hope you have fun planting this weekend.


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9 responses to “Boys in the Garden

  1. Your soil looks beautifully rich.

  2. So fun, what great memories. Hopefully they always think gardening is fun. I remember long hot days of weeding the garden and hating it! But I loved planting flowers in front of the house and choosing and interesting vegetable from a catalog to plant in the garden.

  3. Looks awesome. Both of my boys do some work in the garden with me too. And they each get there own big container to grow what they want. My oldest loves peppers and my youngest loves broccoli.

  4. Digging is one garden chore that my kids can really get behind! It’s a joy to have them out there.

  5. such wonderful photos!
    it is an amazing experience for children to be learning in the garden! i can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt! : )

  6. What a wonderful garden you have. I like it that you also involve your children to do gardening.

  7. I love your blog! It completely inspires me to work harder in my garden, and to try to make it more productive. I’m glad your boys are such good helpers.

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