Roses & Cedar Waxwings

Now that spring is here, I’ve been trying to make a habit of keeping fresh flowers from our garden on the table. I usually keep it simple with a fistful of purple pincushions in a canning jar, but yesterday I felt fancy and made more of an effort. Four years ago Scott and I both picked out roses to plant and as you can see, they both turned out beautiful shades of dusty pink/red. I’m not really a very fussy flower gardener, I give my perennials a healthy dose of tough love, so roses sometimes frusterate me with all of their rust spots and carefully needed pruning, but even in my laziness I’m glad to see them turn out some beautiful flowers.
Last night was also our first invasion of the cedar waxwings. They come every spring, and only in spring, to attack our cherry tree. So whilst out BBQing we both admired their beauty through binoculars and then hoot and hollered at them to go back to where they came from. We don’t mind sharing a few cherries with the birds, but they come in flocks of over 100 and we aren’t willing to share that much!
As you can see from this photo they camp out in the oak tree that grows right above the cherry tree. Shoo birds, shoo!
cherry tart
The good news is that where cherries are ripening, cherry tarts will need to be made soon.


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4 responses to “Roses & Cedar Waxwings

  1. They come to our neighbor’s holly tree. Just like yours, they travel in a mob, and denude the tree very quickly.

    I hope they don’t like plums or apricots, and I hope you saved enough cherries.

  2. VT Garderner

    It is SOOOO nice to have you back!!!! I missed reading your new blog entries. I realize life is busy and finding time for blogging is at the bottom of your priority list but I really appreciate your time:)
    Finally started my vegetable garden on Friday here in Vermont. I was beginning to shake from not playing in dirt!

  3. I want the cherry tarts! LOL

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