Sunday Flowers – join me!

Sunday Flowers
As I mentioned the other week, I’ve started a habit of making a new little bouquet of flowers for our table on Sunday mornings. It’s such a nice little habit I’ve fallen into. At some point on Sunday mornings I wander outside to join all the boys who are already outside playing and working and start cutting what looks inspiring. Then I bring them inside, clear off the table of it’s cluttered Sunday morning mess: newspaper, coffee mugs, empty breakfast plates, and put at little simple arrangement on the table. Depending on the flowers they usually last until Thursday or Friday and it’s so nice to have something pretty to look at. It also helps me keep the table clear of daily clutter, having such beautiful flowers in the middle.

I’ve found that putting the bouquets in a small canning jar is my favorite vase. I had a larger vase on the table before but then we couldn’t see who was sitting opposite from us at dinner. With this we can easily look over.

If you’d like to join me in my Sunday Flowers habit, please do. It’s great fun. Post a link to your photo below so we can all browse.

Happy Sunday!


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5 responses to “Sunday Flowers – join me!

  1. Man, you have a nice selection of flowers. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Yes, I second it, you have a beautiful selection of flowers and I love the nosegay idea. It’s a bowl of fruit for the Sunday morning centerpiece at our house. All good food for the eyes and spirit.

  3. I’ve mentioned your blog on my blog. My garden is producing an unusual blossom. When I came across it, I thought of your bouquets.

  4. I’d love to join in! What a fabulous idea 🙂

    I posted a link back to you on my flower post below:

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