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What Happens When You Are Lazy

This right here folks is proof that we can be really, really lazy gardeners. Would you look at these weeds? I guess the first garden sin is that we let these weeds get so big, the second is that, if you look closer, they aren’t weeds at all. They are all volunteer amaranth, swiss chard and chinese mustard plants, oh and even a tomato in there. Because you know why? We are super lazy about pulling all of those things once they go to seed.
I guess it does have its advantages. All of our weeding sessions usually end up with a great dinner of braised greens and they do a good job of shading out the non-edible weeds. And I suppose you could save I’ve always had a thing for eating weeds, so why not propagate our own edible weeds?
Chinese mustard, if you haven’t grown it yet, is really beautiful. I highly recommend it. It’s easy to grow and is great mixed in while young in stir fries and braised greens. This is my favorite photo of it from two years ago.
Just don’t say I didn’t warn you if you don’t pull it before it seeds….


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