A Pop of Red in the Garden


Happy Friday folks! It looks like this weekend is going to be a warm one! Good thing we joined the pool last weekend so we can stay cool. I just thought I’d share with you a new addition in our yard, this shed. Due to my new nesting instincts I’ve dictated some changes around the house that meant that all of Scott’s tools and other funky garage type stuff got the boot out of our laundry room (we don’t have a garage). So a shed was necessary. We tucked it into the back of our yard behind our cottage. That white picket fence is the chicken’s ‘free range’ yard.

We debated between having a large storage shed company come build one or have some local shed building guys do it. After talking to the local guys it was a pretty quick decision to have them do it. And being that this is such a small town, of course his wife was our son’s first preschool teacher and of course he’s best friends with the brother of our son’s current kindergarten teacher’s husband. It is always so nice to make those connections with people. Scott worked for almost two weeks to paint it and I love the pop of red it adds to our yard. A great contrast to the green.

And best of all? His stuff is out of my laundry room! We plan on putting a freezer in there this weekend. While I haven’t been craving many foods this pregnancy I have had this driving urge to store up. Store up dinners, loaves of bread and anything else that I can freeze. Do you have any great recipes that freeze well? I’m on a mission!


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8 responses to “A Pop of Red in the Garden

  1. Ellie

    I love your new shed! It’s a beautiful deep rich natural colour! And it must feel wonderful to get all that extra stuff out of the house.

  2. I love making batches of polenta lasagna to freeze. Basically I just replace the noodles with either slices of the pre-made logs (how lazy can I get) or a layer of the fresh polenta. I’ve made so many different fillings it’s not even funny. Another thing I have constantly made in the freezer is pizza dough. Not quite as fast as popping a pre-made one in the oven, but nearly so. Good luck with the stocking up.

  3. I love it! Looks beautiful in the garden, I love red building!

    I’ve been wanting to paint our detached garage red and reroof it with a metal roof.

  4. I have enjoyed freezing hummus. While I have the food processor dirty, I’ll just make a few batches and freeze some. I often freeze in small containers so I can take out just enough for a couple of days.

  5. Oh sister – spaghetti sauce and loads of it. Lasagnas are great too. If I make a casserole, I try to double the recipe so I have one in the freezer. Do you have a ton of zucchini? I have a killer zucchini recipe that should freeze great.

  6. VT Garderner

    Thank you for the update on you and baby! I’ve been wondering how you were doing:)
    It may not be in season in CA but here in VT we are about to be in strawberry season. I always stock our freezer with strawberry freezer jam (the recipe is on the box of pectin) and then we enjoy it all year long.
    Take care!

  7. Lovely. I like the white fence with the red building.

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