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State of the Squash

As I mentioned yesterday our pathways are becoming more tricky to walk down, but walk down them we must because the Portofino Zucchini plant is smack dab in the middle of this row and the zucchini’s are already in full production.
We’ve grown a few zucchini’s over the years, but these are our favorites. Have you grown them before?
The bees have been hard at work in our yard. We’d love to get our own hive one day, but for the time being we are letting the wild honeybees do their busy work all around our yard. There are hundreds of them, at one spot, underneath the blooming tree in the boys play area, you can hear their loud collective hum. This blossom belongs to a potimarron squash, which is one of our favorite winter squash. Scott loves them for cooking, I love them for decorating. We haven’t grown these in the past couple of years, but before that, I always knew when harvest season was starting when he started bringing those and acorn squash and lining our mantel with them. They would stay up there until past Thanksgiving or we ate them all, whichever came first.
The banana squash is also bulbing up, let’s see if it truly does get to 4 ft long, shall we? I’ll keep you updated. If it does, we might need to host a squash eating festival!

How are the squash growing in your garden?


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