Crawling Vines and Tie Dyed Hula Hoops

Word to the wise: When planning your summer garden, don’t put the zucchini, which is the first to harvest, in the middle of long creeping vine growing squash. However do we get to them now?
Our friends Julie & Doug divided up their day lilies a few years ago and gave us some, they finally bloomed yesterday, how pretty! Thanks for sharing guys!
After saying I’ve been wanting to do this forever, I finally worked up the nerve to tie dye with the boys. It was messier than I ever could have imagined, we tie dyed ourselves essentially, but the results are thrilling! See the little onesies and bloomer pants for the baby? The boys were ecstatic to make their baby sister some colorful clothes.
We got our first hula hoops yesterday. This has been something that I have been wanting to do forever, but pregnancy slowed me down. However after watching this video I realized I can start hooping on my arms, legs, chest and shoulder (?) for now. It’s harder than it looks, but also so much fun! We are headed down to the Marin County Fair in a bit. I hope you have a very fun Saturday!


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5 responses to “Crawling Vines and Tie Dyed Hula Hoops

  1. ok so many things to say…..

    1st – so glad the day lillies are blooming – I just love them – always happy looking 🙂

    2nd – fabulous job on the tie dyes! I just bought some white tees and tanks for the kids to prepare for some dying – but I need a lesson from you sister! Those are awesome! I take the trip to Dharma was fun.

    3rd – I have been DIEING for a hoop and you have inspired me – we can do it together – where did you buy yours from? happylovehoops on etsy? I’m going to order this week – we MUST do this together.

    Hope you had fun at the fair – are we going to see you tomorrow?

    Happy 4th

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