Daily Archives: July 10, 2010

Our Straw Bed Bales Made the Local News

We made the local paper this morning! Check it out the story on our straw bale raised bed experiment. Since the photographer came a week ago on Thursday I thought it would be nice to show a few photos from this morning to show how fast everything is growing.
We are growing all sorts of summer melons in that raised bed and they are doing much better than any other previous year we’ve grown them. In previous years we’ve planted our melons straight into the ground and while we have amended those beds, we specifically built the soil up in this straw bale raised bed to be for melons. What that means is lots and lots of manure, they are heavy feeders.
Of course the proof is in the pudding and while there are many melons on the vines, none are ripe yet, so we’ll report back when they are ready to pick. But it looks like we will have our fair share of crenshaw melons this year!


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