Let the Summer of Canning Begin!

I mentioned a while back that instead of canning our cherry plums right away, we stuck them in the freezer to wait until canning inspiration hit. Well, we decided that inspiration could wait no longer and it was time to get on it, so 11 jars of cherry plum jam were made last week. Which was just in time, because the nectarines were right behind and 11 jars of nectarine jam were canned. This year, we don’t know why, but our fruit trees are producing like gangbusters. We *almost* feel overwhelmed, almost. Okay, we are overwhelmed with what to do with all this fruit, because just as we finished canning the nectarine jam, ripe peaches started falling off our peach tree.
On Sunday we put on our walking shoes and filled bags with fruit and headed out to all our friends houses within walking distance for a fruit delivery.
Back to the nectarine jam. I don’t think we’ve made it before and I’m not really sure why, because it is so delicious! We pitted a whole bunch of nectarines, added sugar, a little honey and let it simmer and reduce down. We don’t add pectin to our jams, we just let the natural pectins and sugar mix together with ample simmering until they work their magic.
Once the jam gets to this stage above, where not only does it leave a trace behind when you stir it, but that it falls off the spoon just like this: in clumps, then it is ready to can. And can we did.

I’m thinking that this year, we need a new set of canning label designs, don’t we? I should get started on that.

Meanwhile I hear Scott in the kitchen canning the first of the peaches, I should go help him.


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8 responses to “Let the Summer of Canning Begin!

  1. We just picked our first round of blackberries yesterday. It’s jammin’ time! Nectarine jam sounds lovely.

  2. It’s canning season at my house too although I haven’t tried nectarine jam. That sounds terrific. Thanks for the idea and the clumping tip. I don’t like adding pectin either although I don’t have a particular reason as to why. It just seems to taste more real without it.

  3. Beautiful.
    Try melting a jar of that down and add a bit of Port to use as a glaze for grilled or roasted meats. It really puts a beautiful glow on roasted chicken.

  4. VT Garderner

    I am sooooo jealous of your fruit trees! They won’t survive the winters here.
    I was wondering where you buy the paper to print your own labels? I looked at Staples but didn’t see anything….
    Your labels are adorable and I really want to add them to all my canning jars!

  5. The jams look amazing! I have some fruit trees in my garden as well, but they’re still too young to fruit (I joke with my friends that I garden with my stomach). BTW – I found your blog last week and I’ve already made the laundry detergent! I love it!

  6. Wow, that is a lot of fruit. Your jams look lovely!

  7. It’s wonderful. I love your fruit trees and never forget your view it’s give me a new idea.

  8. Mae

    I LOVE this website. Have been reading it for the last couple of days while resting at home after giving birth to my second child, it is full of wholesome goodness ! Wonderful for the soul and spirit. It’s given thought and ideas for food, nutrition, gifts and a whole bunch of stuff. Thank you Kendra and family, for living the life you do and being such an inspiration.

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