Catching up on the Harvest

My apologies for the lack of posting, especially when it is prime growing/harvesting/preserving season. There is so much to share and I think of blog posts often, but as those of you who have been 36 weeks pregnant before will know, a lot of ideas get left undone. The couch and knitting always seem to be a better alternative to any activity these days. But we (and by we, I mean Scott) have been doing a lot these days. Mind if I share quickly with photos?
We’ve been slooowly picking tomatoes. We didn’t pick our first until after the first of August, which is about a month later than usual due to this cool summer we’ve had (thank you weather gods!). Surprisingly the first two tomatoes were the biggest we’ve grown, this varietal is called Italian Heirloom which we’ve grown for a few years and really enjoy. Very meaty and great for both BLT’s and tomato sauce. Scott canned our first round of tomato sauce, five jars. We’ve gone from doing huge all day canning sessions to small batches done early, early in the morning. It all seems much more manageable that way.
We still believe that Ali Baba is the best watermelon we can grow.
Although these Orangeglo melons are pretty darn good. Sweet as can be although the boys won’t eat it because they can’t get over the fact that it looks like pumpkin.
Have you had padron peppers before? We are growing two plants this year that we bought at the Sonoma Garden Park plant sale. These sauteed in a hot pan with olive oil and then sprinkled with maldon sea salt make an incredible side dish. Some are hot and some are mild enough for little kids to eat.
Our golden delicious apples are ready for the picking so we’ve started on apple sauce and of course an apple pie.

What’s been going on in your neck of the woods?


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12 responses to “Catching up on the Harvest

  1. Oooh, orangeglo melons, I’ve never heard of those before. It looks so cool. What does it taste like, is it like a watermelon? That’s a beautiful tomato!! Our heirlooms did not come out as nicely.

  2. the melons looks juicy, sweet, and delicious, as does the pie!

  3. Tom Martin

    While googling about today looking for information on Meyer Lemons and other plants, I stumbled onto “A Sonoma Garden!” We live in Boyes Springs and having boiught the house three years ago are just now getting serious about the garden.

    Like your website very much. Will share it with my daughter in Fairfax who spent today canning pears from her tree and making plum jam.

    Tom Martin

    • asonomagarden

      Tom- good to hear from a neighbor! Scott and I used to live on the Fairfax/San Anselmo border before we moved up here, hope your daughter gets a chance to check out our blog. I hope you found the meyer info you were looking for.

  4. I too keep thinking of garden posts to do but never seem to find the time to do one! Perhaps today, perhaps not 🙂

    Your harvests are beautiful! Yay for 36 weeks! I always feel a secret relief when I hit that milestone.

  5. I had never even heard of a yellow watermelon until this year when my dad planted a few of them. I was hesitant at first, but I tried a bite of one he had cut and it was pretty good! So now I have one sitting at home on my counter waiting to be cut.

  6. The melon you shared with us was delish! Ryder ate half of it as soon as we got home from your house 🙂 Thanks for sharing your yummy melon. I’m hoping with this heat we will start seeing more red tomatoes (even though they are smaller than I would like). I’m going to have to try those tomatoes you guys are growing.

    Your garden looked so nice the other day – total garden envy 😉

  7. Those are beautiful pictures. I’ve been so happy with the Padron peppers. Yum!

  8. dc

    I was in Spain this Spring and Padron peppers were my favorite Tapa offering so I’m growing them too. I love them and they’re so prolific and early.

    Tonight we had sauteed yellow squash, zucchini, peppers and onions. A cucumber and avocado salad, Juane Flame tomatoes and sweet corn for dinner. The avocados were the only item not from the garden. I love summer!

  9. Harvest is really winding down in Ohio. I can really relate to jumping from peaches (three trees) to tomatoes/peppers. Peach Butter turned out well.

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