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Sonoma Wool

Hallett's Ledge
I know, I know I had promised to take you out into the garden for my next post, but when I was doing my morning blog reading some of my favorite blogs were all posting about wool (Soulemama, Farmmama & Beauty that Moves). Since I had just uploaded some new knitting projects to Ravelry, I thought I’d follow along.

It is now just started to get cold here. We just vacuumed out our ancient gas floor heater of dust and turned it on, the down comforters just got spread onto the beds, and we’ve just started to break out the wool sweaters. This sweater is one I just finished. I was obsessed with knitting it at the very end of my pregnancy right on into my hospital stay, it’s all I did apart from eat and sleep. Luckily it fits great (well, it will fit even better once my body returns to it’s previous state) and wearing it feels like a hug.
Hallett's Ledge
The weather does get cold in the winter here in Sonoma, yet it stay warm enough for year round gardening. I’ve always seen that as sort of a curse and blessing at this time of year. On one hand, how lucky we are to head out into the garden at the end of January for some fresh greens. Yet there is a part of me that wishes that we could just cover the garden with mulch, let the snow fall blanket it and stay inside with a fire and a cup of tea and only daydream about next summer’s garden. Typically we strive for a happy medium and plant a humble winter garden, big enough to keep us fed, but small enough not to warrant too much cold weather work.
Last year I learned about Elizabeth Zimmerman and made the boys each a Tomten jacket. I just love how they turned out. If you are new to knitting, this is actually a very easy sweater to begin with, I think anyways.
Boating Sweater
This is another Elizabeth inspired sweater using Peace Fleece’s Volgasippi, an inspiring yarn and company. I knit this while pregnant and now that I’m not, I see some problems with the fit (I didn’t use a pattern). So I’m debating unraveling the whole thing and starting over. The buttons are from our cherry tree.
This is not a maternity sweater.
I told you I was obsessed with knitting while I was pregnant. This is yet another sweater I made while pregnant. I loved it, but even after my belly went down I knew it was always going to be just a little too tight. Rather than unravel this one, I gifted it to my beautiful and thinner-than-me friend at BellaMadris who is just the right size for it.
Norwegian Baby Cap
Lastly, I am also a big fan of keeping baby’s in hats. I think mainly because my babies have always been nearly if not completely bald and they’ve been so little during their first winters. This little hat was made for a friend, but modeled by our daughter. The advantage to starting babies off in hats is that when they grow bigger and you want them to wear the cute little cadet hats you’ve made for them, they are used to having that warmth on their heads and will wear it. Well, most of the time that is…
Wool Caps for Winter Boys

Here’s to staying warm!


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