See, We Do Still Have a Garden

Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I wrote all about how it was getting cold here and the down and wool were in use, the weather started heating up. It’s strange this warm weather, with a warm, leaf blowing wind. Both neighbors and strangers have greeted us this past weekend with a ‘Incredible weather, isn’t it? It’s earthquake weather.’ Luckily no earthquakes yet but the garden is happy with this warm sunshine.
We have all sorts of things starting up out there, lettuce, chinese mustard, dinosaur kale (oh boy, the boys are super excited about that)….
Broccoli Raab
….broccoli raab, spinach, snow peas….
…and shelling peas, watermelon radishes, regular radishes, cilantro, radiccio, treviso, diakon radishes, leeks and a few other goodies which are escaping our mind right now.

Our garden in late summer/early fall always looks so dry and brown as the squash and watermelon vines die and wither away, that its refreshing to see some bright green popping back up out there.

What’s growing in your garden?


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10 responses to “See, We Do Still Have a Garden

  1. Lynda Reynolds

    This weather is amazing itsn’t it! I have summer, fall, winter and spring produce growing at the same time! Still a few tomatoes, lots of peppers, butternut squash, zukes, cantaloupe, chard, celery, cauliflower, lettuces, onions, sweet potatoes, peas, cabbage, rhubarb and tons of potatoes! I’m thrilled with the produce, but really wonder what it means….

  2. Hello there,

    we have temperatures between 3 and 9 degrees Celcius, our winter is slowly getting started. In our garden we now only have some have sprouts, cowl one or two herbs and some chicory.

    May I say you have a great blog? I linked you on mine, so I can visit you some time more (if it is ok ofcourse).

    Have a nice day!

  3. My boys (14, 12, 7) will eat (and ask for) kale chips and raw kale salad. Do you need links to thise recipes?

  4. In Philadelphia, it’s cold enough to be getting close to frost at night. I’m currently growing green beans, radishes, arugula (which grows like a weed here and can survive the winter in areas close to a wall), and lettuce. I tried growing swiss chard and cilantro, but those were unsuccessful. I’m also growing some bean sprouts inside. You really are blessed to have such mild weather year round!

  5. The only thing still going in our garden is snow peas. Everything else is almost gone.

  6. Judy

    Here in my North Carolina garden I am growing bok choi, bunching onions, cabbage, collards, brussels sprouts, broccoli, mustard greens, lettuce, spinach and Swiss chard. We’ve planted garlic and onions for harvest next summer and still have a couple of tomato and peppers hanging on.

  7. McArtor

    Here in Maryland, we have turnips, carrots, radishes, escarole, spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard, blooming mums and a bee. I captured a busy bee enjoying the bright yellow center of our purple mum flowers. You can see it in this week’s Wordless Wednesday.

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