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How to Make Homemade Chapstick (!)


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I’m so excited to share this new thing I learned how to make. Chapstick! How fun is that? Ever since high school I have always carried chapstick around with me. My closest friends at the time did too. Though it’s been over 15 years since we’ve graduated and moved around the country, when we do get together we are usually giving each other gifts of our new favorite chapstick. I’ve tried lots over the years, some are great, some not so great. Strangely enough, the free ones my dentist gives out, that carry no name brand, are my favorite. Kiehls is another favorite, although I wish it came in a tube. Many chapsticks actually make my lips drier, has that happened with you? I wonder why that happens.

Anyway a few weeks ago I was wondering if I could make my own chapstick with all of these butters and creams I had laying around. You must know, up until two years ago, I never had much interest in making lotions and potions before, but that easy hand lotion recipe was irresistable, I had to try it. I had no idea what an insane addiction the whole thing would turn out to be, I now challenge myself to figure out what else I can make so that I can stay out of the drug store. I’m just warning you, if you dare to start dabbling in the lotion making, you too can turn into a crazed chapstick making fool like myself. Consider yourself warned. Now onto the chapstick.

I don’t think I ever would have attempted to make this had I not found empty chapstick tubes. I find chapsticks that come in tins or sliders a pain to put on in the middle of my busy day. So when I found the tubes and saw how cheap they were along with this easy formula for chapstick making, I couldn’t be stopped. And I love it! It smells so good, just like coconut and chocolate. It glides on smoothly and it makes my lips feel oh, so hydrated. You’ve got to try it! This recipe makes enough for 7 tubes, so you get to give a tube to your 6 favorite people too.

Should I design a label for this? I kind of like how clean and pure it looks without a label, but maybe for gift giving it would be nice to have a little label. I’ll work on it, okay?

Homemade Chapstick Recipe

1 1/2 tsp. Beeswax
1 7/8 tsp. Coconut Oil (or in other words just shy of two teaspoons)
1 1/8 tsp. Cocoa Butter
3 tsp. olive oil
3 capsules Vitamin E
7 empty chapstick tubes
Like everything else, I put everything minus the Vitamin E into my trusty Pyrex measuring cup and melted it all. I did this over a double boiler, but you can do it in the microwave if you like. I add the Vitamin E afterward so that it doesn’t lose any of its helpful properties by being heated too much. This will make the tiniest amount of liquid and you won’t believe that it will fill all seven tubes, but it will, perfectly. I carefully poured them into the tubes and waited for them to cool. Then they are ready to go!

See, super easy! And inexpensive too, I haven’t calculated the exact cost of each tube because the measurements of ingredients are so tiny, however I think each tube costs less that 50 cents to make, including the empty tube. Can’t beat that price.


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