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More Snacks ~ Popcorn on the Cob

This winter we discovered something so fantastic! When we went to the flour mill, the tour guide had dried cobs of corn for the boys to put through this hand crank de-kernaling machine (not the official term) and we got to bring the dried popcorn kernals home. He also sent us home with a whole dried cob as well. ‘Put that cob in a paper bag and in the microwave on the ‘popcorn’ setting,’ he told us. Amazing! Normally we are old school stovetop popcorn poppers, because I find that the microwave stuff doesn’t really taste like popcorn at all. It’s more like ‘butter flavored popcorn product’, rather than popped corn.

However, this is different. Not only is it fascinating that you can put a cob of corn in the microwave and end up with a bag of popcorn but the taste was so fresh. The loose kernals we popped on the stove top as we normally do and it was so much fresher tasting than store bought popcorn kernals. Really, it was quite remarkable how much fresher it tasted.
We went down to the Sonoma Garden Park Harvest Market the other week and they had this popcorn for sale (pictured at top) so you can bet that I picked up a handful. It makes for such an easy and healthy snack after school or for movie night, and these pink cobs make it local as well.
I vowed this year that we would plant some of our own. We’re trying Smoke Signals from Seed Savers. Because I stick to lofty nearly unattainable goals, think we can grow 52 ears? One for a bowl of popcorn a week? Hmm, that might be a bit too lofty. However if you are making out your seed buying list, consider adding a packet of popcorn corn!


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