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Choosing Beautiful


The weather report is showing an arctic storm headed our way with possible snow at sea level. Unheard of for these parts of California. I do like winter a great deal, but I have noticed through the photos I’ve been uploading that I must be searching for spring.

We’ve been getting eggs again and blue & green ones at that! Our three new chicks have started laying. They started right before Christmas and have been blessing us with three eggs a day ever since. Our egg carton is so beautiful now. Our older three chickens haven’t laid since last spring. They started up after winter, but then molted and then we moved the new chicks in with them over summer which must have thrown them for a loop. I am hoping that they start laying again too.

The blue and green one come from our two Americanas and the brown one from our Buff Cochin. I am so excited to have three different colored eggs now. As I wrote about a few years ago, being able to grow or raise your own food allows you to add beauty to your life. Why pick chickens that lay white eggs if you have the option for blue eggs? Why plain mustard greens when you can choose chinese mustard (love that picture!), why not add an orange watermelon into the mix. There is a lot of ugly in my day to day, runny baby noses to wipe, dirty diapers to wash, taxes to file, floors to clean, so when I go outside and get to bring these lovely things inside it really does turn my day around.
Hope you are well and staying warm!


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