A Walk Outside

Hmmm, well that arctic storm never really panned out like they advertised around here. No worries, we got some rain and today some more. Yet yesterday was beautiful and a great day to head out in the garden, tame that wild weed patch a bit more and harvest some bok choy for dinner.
I always enjoy looking at the colorful spring buds and think about how those pretty little things will be great big white peaches (foreground) and nectarines (background) soon enough.
Although if experience holds true, we’ll be seeing these white blooms turn into plums before the peaches and nectarines.
(the wild weed patch)
Our straw bale bed held up pretty good over winter. One side completely collapsed, no idea why, so we’ll need to get two more bales to make this last through it’s second summer.
I have been trying to sneak outside to weed whenever I can. There is so much to pull out and get ready for new plant life. This bed of seeds was planted before we came down with colds and flus so it has been rather ignored, so we’ll see if we get any plants out of it. It sure is nice to be out working on days like yesterday, under warm sun, hands in wet dirt.

What’s going on in your garden?


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7 responses to “A Walk Outside

  1. Wow, what a nice orchard you have. We only have a peach tree, and really hoping it produces peaches that we can eat this year. Last year, all of our peaches fell off the tree before they got ripe.

  2. I am amazed!! I love the straw bale bed. Nothing goes to waste and there is a perfect place to sit while weeding. I’m totally going to do that this year. You are so ingenious, and I am thrilled that you share it with us!

  3. We brought some lovely bok choy home from a friend’s garden in northern Florida in January. Love the way it looks in his garden and yours. We have never planted any here in Kentucky, but I plan to try it this year. Wish us luck!

  4. sarah

    always enjoy reading posts, nice intermission to my day lol

  5. Right on. The stone fruit trees are letting loose. Since the storm wasn’t harsh, I’m bracing myself for March to out like a lion. That could mean that the fruit trees will be culled naturally.

  6. Pamela Johnson

    I am looking forward to a sunny Saturday tomorrow so I can plant a rose hedge. Your posts are so enjoyable and I especially admire the photos.

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