Woodland Walk Lotion

Woodland Walk
I went to college up in Oregon, University of Oregon in Eugene, to be specific. And this late winter rain that we’ve been getting off and on has reminded me a lot about those days, where rain just sort of always drifted down softly. When we did get a chance to get off campus and head out to nature, often it was to a forest for a little hike. Ever since those college years a light misting rain and the smell of forest brings me right back to those days.

Last week I ordered a great big box worth of things from Mountain Rose Herbs (who happens to be based out of Eugene). Basic things like more shea butter for our daughters skin cream, garlic powder and ginger powder, dried mushrooms for soups, catnip for our feline friends, more chapstick tubes (how does chapstick always disappear so quickly?). The whole order was just feeling so practical that I had to throw in something fun for myself, so I splurged and bought a bunch of essential oils to make up this Woodland Perfume blend they suggested. It took me a while to actually add this to my order. I always feel a little guilty buying things out of pure indulgence and also, what if this blend smelled like Christmas tree? Not that there is anything wrong with smelling like Christmas tree, but spring is a week away, it isn’t really the time of year for that. But it doesn’t smell like Christmas tree at all and I’m so very happy I indulged!
Woodland Walk
During a light rain shower last weekend I made up my usual quick lotion recipe and added the five essentials oils (amounts given below) to it and waited impatiently for it to set up. The next morning after my shower I smeared it on and the smell was intoxicating! It smells just like you were taking a walk in a forest right after a spring rain. The small amount of bergamot in the mix gives it this slightly floral, spring smell. And all of the spruce, fir and cedar make you think of that smell when you drive up to the mountains and open your car door for the first time. You know that fresh forest smell? Such a lovely way to start each day, to put that lotion on.
The scent doesn’t linger too long, maybe for an hour at most, which I think is just perfect. I don’t know that I’d want to smell like forest all day long, but to start each morning with that fragrance? Oh yes! It is almost as good as a morning woodlands hike. Almost. I see now that doing things like ordering five little essential oils isn’t over indulgence. To spend a relatively tiny amount of money on something that brings you such joy each morning is important when you spend the rest of the day caring for others. Like they say, if momma ain’t happy, no one’s happy!
Woodland Walk Lotion

Woodland Walk Lotion

1 Easy Handmade Hand Lotion or Hand Salve recipe
12 drops Spruce essential oil
6 drops Fir Needle essential oil
6 drops Cedarwood essential oil
3 drops Vetiver essential oil
3 drops Bergamot
Add essential oils to the already melted oils, finish following the directions for either recipe and enjoy that fresh forest smell!


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11 responses to “Woodland Walk Lotion

  1. Love the new look of the blog. Very clean. I hope we will still see LOTS of pics. I really want to start making my own lotion. I have a bit of eczema on my foot. I’ve heard there are some lotions one can make at home that are healing for this. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. KimH

    I love your site & I love these recipes.. Easy enough & I bet they’re wonderful. I will be trying them soon..

    I plan to leave out the cedarwood since Im allergic to cedar but I’ll replace it with lemon verbena or or lemon eo to blend well with that bergamot. Yum~~

    Thanks for all the delicious photos & ideas!!

  3. I made the hand lotion today and it seems to have turned out really well, I used lavender oil but it really doesn’t smell like lavender, I used the oils I bought at hobby lobby do you think there is a big difference in where you buy your essential oils? I used 28 drops the smell isn’t horrible but I don’t want to make that again unless I know it’s the oil I have, also was wondering do you put it into bottles or leave it in the jars? I seems as though once it’s in the jar I am not going to be able to put into lotion bottles. I do really LOVE the feel of it though. I LOVE your site and I LOVE your recipes you share, thanks so much. I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago so still pretty new at it.
    Thank you so much again!

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  5. Chris

    Kendra…Thanks so much for telling us about how this smells! I order from MRH too and wondered how it would smell, but never tried making a blend.
    Now I will! I told my daughter about your lotion, as her daughter (my granddaughter) had eczema. She made the lotion and the eczema is now gone!
    My daughter is very creative and even made the lotion with some of her Eternity perfume and some drops of something that smells like lemon chiffon. (Can’t remember the name…It’s fabulous!)
    Thanks again for your wonderful blog. The pictures and words of your life and all that’s in it makes for such interesting and inspirational reading. I really appreciate you sharing your efforts! (I know how it is when you have little ones! Gratefully, Chris

  6. Rochelle Spann-Williams

    Thanks a million 4 this receipe. I run a homebased childcare program and have noticed that a lot of the children have eczema. I would love to whip up a batch of this lotion and share it with the parents of the children. While the lotion is cooling overnight should I cover it/put a lid on it.
    Thanks, Rochelle “Fab. @ 50”

  7. This sounds amazing! I live in Oregon, so I have to say this: Go Ducks! =)

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  9. goodmedicinellc@yahoo.com

    Please put me on your email list. I am very interested in starting a hand lotion project which may lead to other natural home body care. As I understand it, all of the ingredients are natural, right?

  10. deborah phelps

    love your blog! keep it up! I will be trying your lotion! I’ve made and been using the washing powders, but I’m not getting that clean-scent laundry smell. In fact, some of my clothes still smell like the hamper!
    (and yes, I wash frequently!!) Is there something I can add that will enhance the smell? thanks:)

    • asonomagarden

      deborah, I haven’t tried it yet, but instead of fels naptha you can use Dr. Bronners peppermint soap, that should give it a good scent.

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