Happy Second Day of Spring & Thank You

The Knitting Spot
Thank you so much for all of your comments on the almond milk post. I loved reading each and every one of them (as did my mom!). I saw that some of you already tried making almond milk, how fantastic!
6 Year Old Scarf
This first spring weekend was a rainy one. I do love the rain, but I think I’ve had my fill for a while. We live in a small house and there are now five of us which makes these rainy inside days a test of our patience for sure. Last week I decided to gain 8 more square feet of living space by moving our large coffee table out into storage. It is so nice to be able to spread out on the family room floor now! This weekend was full of knitting. My 6-year old son took up finger crocheting last spring and knitting on needles this fall with no problem at all. I was amazed, actually, how fast he took to it. I seem to remember it taking me a good long time to figure it out when I was little and my grandma first showed me. He keeps asking me when he can knit a sweater….well, let’s start with a scarf. Everyone starts with a scarf before they move onto a sweater, I told him. So he’s making a scarf out of my yarn leftovers. Really, he has knitted this whole thing all by himself! Yes, it is getting increasingly wider as he goes, but never mind that, he’s making himself a scarf! He makes me laugh because he knits just like a boy, keeps that yarn really, super, vice grip tight on the needles (reminds me of Alicia’s husband –  funny post!). Our 4 year old is starting to master finger knitting as well.
She Matches!
I finally finished the baby girl’s vest to match her hat and booties. She’s matchy-matchy now! As always, you can join me on ravelry if you are a knitter too. I adore this Madeline Tosh sock yarn. I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to anything less expensive. We might have to take a second out on the house, because I’d really love a sweater myself out of one of her yarns. I also highly recommend the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby bonnet if you have a baby in your life. So sweet!
Hoping for Spring
Meanwhile, as we finish up and begin new knitting projects during this never ending rain storm, I bought myself a little piece of spring to admire.

Happy Spring to you!


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7 responses to “Happy Second Day of Spring & Thank You

  1. Adorable hat and booties!

  2. Love the fact that your 8 year old wants to knit. I want to bake bread. And clear my house to get more living space, as well. I guess spring brings a desire to “do.”

  3. Brenda Alreck

    We are betting ready for another winer storm. And today I noticed my daffodils are up! sigh.

  4. what an adorable baby ensemble. well done!

  5. Oh what fun with two of your kids starting up knitting too. What is “finger knitting” and “finger crocheting”. My gram taught me the basics of knitting years ago and I am just about to finish a knitting class. We skipped the scarf (don’t tell your son) and dove into a bath robe for a baby doll. Love the concept of the small scale project and learning all that goes with it. Our last class is soon and I am already trying to figure out what I will make next. The vest, hat and booties for your baby is beautiful. Emily

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