Return of the Hawks


Spring is really starting to make an appearance around here from the blooming of the forget-me-nots to the sprouting of spring peas (and weeds, why do they grow so much faster than anything else?).

We have also witnessed the return of the Coopers Hawks who have taken residence in our neighboring oak tree the past four years. Can you see their nest down there, right in the middle of the photo? They started coming the spring that we first got our chickens, we also put out bird feeders for the first time that spring. I was wondering why they arrived, but after reading a bit about them, it makes sense. They love to prey on finches and we have plenty of those.


I hadn’t known where there nest was before this year and look, had I really taken a look I could see it right from our own backyard. Not for long though, once those leaves start to sprout it will be safely hidden from sight.


After one of our recent windy rainstorms there was some damage done to a fence near their nest and some men came with chainsaws to clean up the mess. One of the hawks was not happy at all with that and sat at the top of our front sequoia and let the neighborhood know all about it. Do you see him/her in that photo? Right in the middle with the reddish chest? I look forward to watching them this spring and summer as they bring their babies up.

I wanted to thank you all again for all of your kind comments and emails! I am going to take a little break until mid next week, so I apologize if your comments don’t get approved until then or I can’t respond right away. Enjoy these early spring days, and good grief, don’t wash away in all this rain!


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5 responses to “Return of the Hawks

  1. Tom Martin

    Thanks, once again. Your messages get forwarded to a select group of people. My daughters, in particular, enjoy A Sonoma Garden.

  2. Rita Johnson

    I enjoy your blog so much. It’s the next best thing to living that kind of life myself!

    I love your hand lotion and make it regularly. I add a bit of glycerine (available cheap at most drugstores) for extra help on dry skin. Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. How nice! I’d love to have a hawk take up residence. We just moved to a larger parcel of land and I’m hoping to invite some wildlife in.

  4. Enjoy your break. I love seeing the tiny plants emerging from the soil. Can’t wait to see the garden in all its glory.

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