A helpful irrigation tip

Things have been mighty busy around here, which always means a slow down in blog posting, but I soon hope to have much to share. Today I spent a good deal of time outside hooking up some irrigation in my flowerbeds and I figured out a neat trick that I wanted to share with you. Have you set this sort of system up before? It is relatively easy to do, just lay down the half inch tubing, cut it all the 1/4 inch drip tubes to the right lengths and connect it all together. However the connecting isn’t always that easy. In fact I find it very frusterating to force those rigid plastic tubes over those connectors and get them to stay put. And then I remembered reading months ago about how to build hula hoops with half inch irrigation tubing and they suggested dipping the ends of the tube into boiling water to get it to slide onto the connector with more ease. Aha!
So I boiled a small pot of water and brought it out with me and low and behold, I was connecting those little tubes twice as fast once they had their little hot water bath. Maybe this technique is common knowledge amongst the irrigation pros, but it was news to me!

I hope that helps you set up your watering system too!


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8 responses to “A helpful irrigation tip

  1. I did not know that.
    It was worth stopping in for the tip.

    • Janet

      Not quite ready to set up our system here in Idaho. However we are chomping at the bit to do so and this tip will help us breeze right through it this year. Thanks for the info and please send us warm thoughts so we can get out there to!

  2. I’m so glad I stopped by. I love that you are a hooper too!!!

  3. what an excellent idea!! Thanks so much this will so help when spring gets here, oh yeah it is here, ok when spring feels like it’s here!
    Always looks forward to your blog!

  4. I was just looking over all of our drip stuff yesterday and absolutely dreaded fighting all those connections and wondered to myself why I felt the need to alter our regular layout this year! THANK YOU!!!! What a great tip, now why hadn’t we thought of that? ha! Love it!

  5. Great tip – I’ll have to try it.

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