Snowballs & Future Peaches: Views from the Garden











Views from the garden. Have a good weekend all!


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7 responses to “Snowballs & Future Peaches: Views from the Garden

  1. Michelle Heran

    Beautiful pictures! Do you happen to know the variety of artichoke you have pictured? It’s so wonderfully squat and round.

  2. Gorgeous, mouth watering. I’m so in love with your blog. Thanks for these images. LOVE them

  3. KimH

    Gorgeous pics.. I so wish I had space, time, and energy for a garden similar to yours.. Someday. 😉

  4. Ellie

    Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing them! We’re just starting to warm up here in Toronto and I put in the first seeds a few days ago. Looking forward to going out to pick our fresh salad greens in about a month.

  5. I have always loved snowball. Do you grow yours in sun or shade. I’m considering it when bare root time rolls around.

  6. artichokes? what type of climate do they like? I’m in the southeast.

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