Coops & Kindles, You’re Invited!

I have to fun things to share with you! First, you are cordially invited to visit us and our chicken coop next weekend, May 14th! We are proud to be part of Le Tour de Coop, a tour of backyard chicken coops in Sonoma. There are going to be seven different coops that you can tour in town and we are house number 5 on the map. Just click over to learn more, buy a map (proceeds benefit our favorite garden park) and come by for a visit! Next week, after the actual tour, I’ll give an online tour of our little coop for those too far to visit. Above is a sneak peek of the gals basking in the early evening sun from my kitchen sink window. I love to watch them mill about while I wash the dinner dishes and listen to my ipod. Watching chickens with hands in warm soapy water and good tunes in my ears is my little moment to myself before I gear up for the evening get-the-kids-to-bed routine.

Second, a Kindle saavy friend of mine urged me to set my blog up so that you could read us on their Kindles. Do you have one? I admit to be still back in the stone age when it comes to reading. I like the tactile sensation and old dusty smell of reading actual paper books, however I do see the attraction of Kindles and ipads and such. How fantastic it would be to simplify and get rid of those shelves of books and carry them all around on such a slim little device. The neat thing about subscribing to blogs on your Kindle is that you don’t have to be attached to a wireless connection to read the posts. You just download them your blog subscriptions when you get the chance and then you can read them whenever you get the chance during your day. If you are interested, you can subscribe to A Sonoma Garden here.


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4 responses to “Coops & Kindles, You’re Invited!

  1. A coop tour, how cool! We had a Kindle but hated that it kept breaking on us. So now we have a Nook. Like it better.

  2. Hello,
    Wonderful blog. A friend visiting from the states recommended your blog. I am trying the no shampoo idea. Keep writing!

  3. I am saving for a kindle, everyone I know that has one loves it, and know I even have MORE of a reason!! Wish we lived close enough to visit 😉 our chicks will be in their coop by next weekend or else!! They need to be out of the brooder BAD! which is upstairs in a spare room , and I am really tired of taking care of them up there 🙂 Love your blog..

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