If you can’t find your four year old….

…and the cherries are ripe, try looking up. I swear that little boy is a monkey! Unlike last years huge harvest, we only have a couple of small baskets to enjoy this year.


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7 responses to “If you can’t find your four year old….

  1. -jes.

    Such a sweet picture!

  2. the cherries aren’t yet ripe here in western Kentucky, but the birds and squirrels are eating them up!!

  3. reminds me of my oldest child who is now expecting her first little one! Love memories!

  4. Beautiful picture! I love the light, and the subject is so sweet.

  5. Gorgeous pick. I love cherries. Such deliciousness. Enjoy what you have, lucky girl.

  6. KimH

    Awesome photo! Great memories! 😀

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