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This Sonoma Garden is Moving

Some of you who have been reading this blog for a while may be wondering where all the posts on spring plantings are. Why the big lack of sharing what we’ve planted, the pictures of sprouting seeds, the near unreachable growing dreams I have for our garden? Well, we have been growing things from seed and planning great big garden dreams in our head, but they are all in preparation of a new garden. Yes, after over two solid years of searching and 7 offers on 7 different houses, we are finally moving! While we are still staying in Sonoma, we are headed out of town and into the country. We are moving from our little walk-to-town cottage to a California ranch rambler on two acres. It is an exciting move, our dreams for this new property have been soaring without limit, but it is incredibly scary too. The property is stunning, yet far from town and the house? Well, it’s bigger, but oh, is it ever a project. Luckily the new well was just dug, but it still needs a new….well, you name it and it needs it. A new roof, gutters, a new septic system, new windows, new plumbing, new paint, new electrical work….the project list is endless. And didn’t I hear somewhere that linoleum in the bedrooms is coming back? I’m crossing my fingers that’s true.
But let’s not dwell on the house, take a look outside. The people who lived here before was a husband and wife who built the house when they were married in 1950 and lived there until their death last year. As the years went by they expanded the house and the gardens. They were avid gardeners; fruit trees, berries, nut trees and perennial vegetables abound. And the flowers, just look at the flowers. I’m going to need your help identifying many of them! As we peeked in the cupboards we saw home canned jam and knew we had found the right place. I hope we’ll make that couple proud with how we’ll continue on with their property.
Our new neighbors include a dairy, a Rocky chicken farm, a dog kennel, a horse ranch and many hobby farmers. Not to mention that we’ll have plenty of peacock, fox and wild turkey stories to share soon.
I have valued your comments and readership so much, I’m looking forward to sharing our new adventure with you and getting your advice and opinions as we go!


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