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Goodbye Old House

Today we begin the big move to leave this house and start life in our new home. I am feeling quite sad about leaving this house that we’ve lived in for almost our entire married lives. All our babies were brought home here and while I look forward to seeing them grow in our new place, it is always so sad to say goodbye. I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my favorite parts about this house:
New allergy bedding
Winter Light in Jack's Room
I’ll miss the beautiful morning light in our oldest son’s bedroom, no matter what the paint color,

A different morning
a clearer shot
the oak tree that towers over our backyard, beautiful in any light,

Happy Spring
the scented geraniums blooming outside our dining room window,

Berry Picking
the small patch of wildness in our yard, perfect for berry picking,

our climbing trees,

cooling down the house...
our kitchen. Our funky, too small for more than one person galley kitchen,

Sunday Flowers
our serene bathroom,

Our Family Room Ceiling
the many projects we did, including tearing out the ceiling and re-insulating the family room,

then painting it and getting the artwork just right.

I’ll miss finding boys in homemade pants under the apple tree telling secrets,

our rag tag, pell mell, mish mash group of raised beds,

Fireside Play
the many, many hours spent fireside,

this corner. This little artwork/play corner.

someone turned five, we had a party
And memories of all the parties we’ve hosted. I’m going to miss it all!

However, on to new beginnings!


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