Goodbye Old House

Today we begin the big move to leave this house and start life in our new home. I am feeling quite sad about leaving this house that we’ve lived in for almost our entire married lives. All our babies were brought home here and while I look forward to seeing them grow in our new place, it is always so sad to say goodbye. I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my favorite parts about this house:
New allergy bedding
Winter Light in Jack's Room
I’ll miss the beautiful morning light in our oldest son’s bedroom, no matter what the paint color,

A different morning
a clearer shot
the oak tree that towers over our backyard, beautiful in any light,

Happy Spring
the scented geraniums blooming outside our dining room window,

Berry Picking
the small patch of wildness in our yard, perfect for berry picking,

our climbing trees,

cooling down the house...
our kitchen. Our funky, too small for more than one person galley kitchen,

Sunday Flowers
our serene bathroom,

Our Family Room Ceiling
the many projects we did, including tearing out the ceiling and re-insulating the family room,

then painting it and getting the artwork just right.

I’ll miss finding boys in homemade pants under the apple tree telling secrets,

our rag tag, pell mell, mish mash group of raised beds,

Fireside Play
the many, many hours spent fireside,

this corner. This little artwork/play corner.

someone turned five, we had a party
And memories of all the parties we’ve hosted. I’m going to miss it all!

However, on to new beginnings!


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17 responses to “Goodbye Old House

  1. Wow, some wonderful memories…One chapter closes and another new, exciting one is about to begin.

  2. Brenda Alreck

    I hope you are dividing your flowers to take along! Your new property is amazing, and I look forward to your awesome photography to show it off! Take pictures of everything in your old place…then you don’t feel you are leaving your memories to chance.

  3. KimH

    I wish you the very best of new days to fill the place of the sadness you feel today.. You’ve filled your life with the best loving energy and are moving on to experience more.. as with everything in life.. You arent really leaving it behind.. you take it with you in your heart.. which is a wonderful thing. ♥ God Speed on your journey!

  4. I cannot wait to see what you do with your new property. I like to focus on the positive and move forward. I’ve moved 10 times in my 28 year marriage and have learned to love the new beginnings in the new homes. I’m looking forward to sharing your adventure, virtually.

  5. We’ve moved 7 times in our 21 years of marriage, and there were two homes that were the hardest to leave — our first home where our daughter was born, and our third home where our son was born. When all was packed and the house was empty, locking the front door for the final time brought me to tears. (I’m getting choked up just thinking about it.) The connections with home and babies and memories are quite strong, but a new [exciting] chapter begins with each move. My best wishes to you on your move — now the most exhausting part begins — packing!

  6. May

    We moved our family only once. The youngest was 3. We left a Queen Anne we had renovated because we couldn’t keep up with it and the kids’ lives. That was nearly 13 yrs ago and I still am not sure about the move! During our last walk through the house, we went to the attic and each wrote our name (and some of us added a favorite memory too) on a rafter so that we would always be a part of the house. We did it very ceremoniously and it really seemed to help us let go.
    Peace to you as you make your move.

  7. Janet Teltschik

    Good Luck with your move. I hope you’ll share your new garden with us. I really enjoy your blog, the pictures, and helpful receipes. I along with many others will look forward to you new updates. Blessings to you and your family.

  8. I love that you are honoring the experience your family had in your home, and I know one thing…you will always “have” your home and the deep rooted tenderness that it represents. My son is 42 and he and I still love and honor the year and a half we spent on 2000 acres when he was only 4. Now that land is a sea of houses, but not for us. For us it is our touchstone.

  9. OMG your post brought back bittersweet memories. We are currently remodeling the home my husbands parents bought when we were first married (almost 39 years ago). There was a beautiful deep blue painted over a textured grasscloth wall in the living room.That room has seen a whole lot of living. When we stripped off the grasscloth just recently I was compelled to save a swatch. It reminds me of so-oo many moments. My son and his sweet family just moved out of this home and on to a new chapter in thier own lives. It is so hard painting over the old scarred walls, the scars tell so many stories. But new stories will soon be created…

  10. Wow. All of this is so unbelievably beautiful, it made ME sad just to think about you leaving it. I’m sure though, that your new home will be just as much fun to create, and that you’ll bring just as much light and beauty into that one as you invested into this one. Best of luck! I’m looking forward to reading about your new adventures. =)

  11. Pamela Johnson

    It is always difficult making new changes but since your heart is in the right place you and your family will enjoy making new special moments and never forgetting the old moments. All the best, Pamela Johnson, Arbuckle, CA

  12. how wonderful to have these photos – all gorgeous, i can see why you will miss it!

  13. I hope by now you are finding lots of new special spots. The extra space will make such a positive change to your lives. I am so envious of the established plantings as we are developing 5 acres of gardens and trees from almost nothing (read chaos). Enjoy enjoy enjoy

  14. mims

    congratulations Kendra! Not hearing much on the housing front , I thought you had given up. I live in Santa Rosa, and am an avid gardener (of food, herbs, flowers) and if you like, woudl be happy to come by some day and help identify any unknowns in your new garden.

    Again, you must be so happy! Nothign like a good project to keep you busy the next few years!

  15. I just discovered your blog, and this post really hit home, as my husband and I are just getting our old house ready to put up for sale after living here for 28 yrs. So many memories, but it is time to let it go.
    It was your homemade hand lotion that brought me here, and I will be back often.
    Blessings to you on your future plans,

  16. goodbye, old house! can’t wait to see what you do with the next one!!

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