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Our Jumbled Mess of a Garden

Welcome to our new vegetable garden! It looks like a jumbled, weedy mess right now doesn’t it? We’ll fix it as time allows. It is a big space and has the potential to get much bigger, but from this view we have boysenberries, then some sort of grapes, then rhubarb, then asparagus. Behind that tipsy fence of asparagus is a row of tomatoes and peppers we quickly planted, then another wall of asparagus then rows of flowering bulbs which I secretly shared with you a while back.
Well, before I officially declare that there is a row of rhubarb, I wanted to ask you, this is rhubarb, right? It looks just like it, however it’s so miniature, each plant is only about 18″ tall at most and the stalks are as thin as pencils. We are used to the big, giant rhubarb.
Because we had grown our tomatoes from seed and bought our peppers at a plant sale long ago, we quickly got them into the ground. As Scott was digging this stretch he felt a little resistance with his shovel at one point. Thinking he had hit a root or a rock or something he just jabbed the shovel a little harder with his foot, however when he brought the shovel up, there was the back half of a gopher snake in his shovel! Oh no! It took him a while to find the front half and when he did it still had enough life left to strike at him! This is a new kind of gardening folks! If we didn’t realize it before that was a wake up call that we’re out in the country now. We move forward hoping that no more snakes will be harmed in our gardening efforts.
I took all these photos on an evening stroll with a babe on my hip, so I’m not thrilled with the quality, but I promise more photos in the future.
This is the onion/grape/berry row. A tangled mess we’ve got on our hands, I tell ya!
Look at these fuzzy things! I’ve never seen grasses like these but don’t you want to touch them? Me too, I do it every time I walk outside. They are only growing in one spot, well actually two specific spots in the garden so I’m wondering if they were planted intentionally. Do you know what they are?
As I was strolling and taking pictures and having the left half of my hair ripped out of it’s ponytail by the wee one, Scott was high weed mowing a bit. He had gotten to about this point when we heard a yell across the yard from a neighbor, ‘quit what you’re doing, we’ll come over with the tractor tomorrow and mow for you.’ And they did, it’s all beautifully mowed now. These neighbors are something else! Those grapes that he is mowing by are a mix of Concord and Thompson Seedless. We’re anxious to taste them!

More to come!


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