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Inspiring Food & Inspiring Links

This has been a frequent dinner of ours recently. We are still in possession of our old Sonoma garden, so when we go over there to spruce it up for showing and open houses, we dig up a few potatoes and cut off a few artichokes. Sometimes artichokes from our new garden get added. I steam them all together in one pot. An easy dinner when you are wiped out from a day of unpacking and chicken coop building (more on that another day).
Within hours of finding out from very reliable sources that we do indeed have rhubarb on our hands, it was cut and baked into a pie with some local strawberries. It was divine! Were the temperatures not going to be soaring tomorrow, I would make another one right away.
When visiting the Saturday farmers market at the Community Center (if you live locally, stop by this summer and pick up a bottle of olive oil, profits go to the boy’s school), we spied that Mike the bejkr was putting some bread with eggs into his mobile oven. Inspiration! We made some of our own. So delicious!

I also wanted to share a little inspiration that I’ve seen around the world wide web recently:

Have you been inspired by anything on the web lately?


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