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Le Tour de New Coop


Welcome to our new coop. As you well know, we have six laying hens and when we bought this house, we knew building a new coop would have to happen right away. We were able to leave our hens at our old house for a couple of weeks, but what a chore it was to drive back there everyday to check on them. Scott quickly got to work on the new coop. He didn’t use any plans, rather winged it as he went. We had a few requirements, it had to be sturdy to withstand our new country wildlife neighbors, we wanted it tall enough to walk in comfortably so that cleaning it out and visiting with the gals would be easy. And we wanted it to be big enough that when it rains and they had to stay inside that it would be plenty big enough for milling around. It turned out to be about 8′ square. Just big enough without being too big. We still have yet to build the run, but all good things in time, right?

We have a birch tree at this new house, which very conveniently dropped a big branch the first week we were here. It makes a great spot for them to hang out. I don’t know if you can see from this picture, but we thought we were very crafty and resourceful for using old wood wine boxes we had around for their roosting boxes. Well, that idea fell through when the hens quickly fell through the bottom of the boxes. Sorry girls! We’ve put the same old cabinet that was in our old coop as a replacement.

Mabel’s happy! She lays us eggs all the time and this time we built in a little door to open up to grab the eggs, the boys are on constant egg alert and check that little door about every 10 minutes. Sometimes they’ll even stand at the little door while the hens are laying and chat with them.
Would you look at that view? Lucky hens!


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