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oh the glorious bounty


Oh the glorious bounty that summer has brought us in this new house. Overwhelmed with apples and pears we made an investment in a cider press. It arrived late last week and we patiently kept it boxed up until some friends arrived on Sunday to help us set it up and put it into production. With three adults and four children we picked and ground and pressed those apples into the most incredible cider. After years of coveting a cider press, I was all too excited to get going to bring out the camera, but there will be more pressings soon and those I will document. Meanwhile we have also been researching making hard cider. We have three pear trees that are loaded and there are only so many cans of pears you need over a year! We look forward to trying our luck at hard pear cider.

The blackberries get picked a container at a time as I find a few minutes between chores. Some are being made into jam, others frozen on cookie sheets and transfered to ziplocks to throw into winter oatmeal.


The peaches are just starting to ripen. These peaches are much different from what we had before. They are smaller, denser and even more flavorful. Tomorrow morning, expect to find me in the kitchen making peach fruit roll ups.


Our patch of tomatoes are growing slowly but surely as are our rows of melons below.

Also growing is our little girl, 11 months now. How time flies. (This is how we looked one year ago.) She now has become privy to the apples. A typical morning finds me wandering around the garden, her on my hip and a freshly picked apple in my other hand. She now leans all the way forward for bites as we walk along. Sweet little thing.


I have so many exciting things to share with you in the coming weeks. New lotion experiments, a book giveaway, and new kitchen experiments. Stay tuned!


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