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a weekend of relaxation


It was my birthday this past weekend. It was one of those birthdays with a 5 at the end of it, which means I’m halfway to an age with a 0 at the end of it. Oy! To compensate for my slight grumpiness about the whole age thing, we spent most of the weekend relaxing, sitting and eating. We knew we had been working hard the past handful of months, but you don’t really realize how hard until you finally sit down. We drove out to one of my favorite places, Point Reyes Station and took in lunch at the Station House Cafe, which has one of the most lovely courtyards around. I always leave that town inspired to garden and make our yard a better place.

After a few hours spent browsing through the bookstore, shops, bakery, farmers market and lunch we headed up the coast to Hog Island for a bag of clams and came home to our first dinner outside. We finally got the back deck in a state that we could heave our heavy table up onto it and with a weekend sale on umbrellas at the hardware store, we’ve been all set for dining alfresco!

(the above pictures crack me up a bit, I’ve worked so long in the wine industry choosing lifestyle shots for marketing, that I feel like I’ve become my work!)

Afterwards we did some more apple & pear picking for yet more cider. Taking a full weekend to enjoy life and our surroundings was such a pleasure and a great reminder that we need to do that more often!


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