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Watering the Garden

Friends, meet Ross. Well, ‘The Ross No. 11’ to be formal. Ross and I spend a lot of time together. Most mornings, in fact.
Ross is a great water nozzle. He must be old as I can’t find any web links to direct you to buy one of your own. Which is too bad, because you’d like him too.
I water first thing in the morning, right after breakfast and this morning was particularly beautiful, so I thought I’d share with you.
When we first moved into this house, I wrote about how it was like we were on vacation. We had a very wet spring so things stayed green, flowering and lush for a long time without us having to water anything. After a few weeks, still feeling the change of the move, I felt we had moved to this dream land where we didn’t have to water, things just took care of themselves. Soon though the hot weather started and things started turning brown and droopy. Turns out this property is no exception to any other property, we had to start watering. It felt overwhelming to know even where to begin, as I’d say that half of our two acres is planted. It took me a month or so, but I mentally divided the yard in sections and every morning starting with the left side in back I’d water each ‘zone’ for an hour until, by the end of the week, I’ve circled the entire house. Then on Monday I start all over again.
However, very slowly, change will be coming as we bought our first set of drip irrigation supplies last weekend. This new set up is particularly fancy and I’ll show you as soon as we get it set up.
But don’t worry about Ross, even with drip coming in, he’ll always be my first choice in watering.

p.s. Next week I’ve found a great book that I want to give to one of you, so check back for a chance to win!


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