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Urban Homesteading : : A book giveaway


(update: This giveaway is over, thanks to all who entered!)
We had a lot to celebrate yesterday. First, our baby girl turned one! What a fast and full year this has been and what a joy she is to have. (when she was born) And second, our original Sonoma Garden officially changed hands to a new gardener, and if you can believe it, a blog reader! We wish them the very best.

With all this celebrating, I wanted to share something with you too. A few weeks ago I ran across this book, Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living, being sold at a local coffee shop, of all places. I bought it right then and there and was so inspired looking through it. I’ve noticed in recent trips to the book store that there are many books out there on homesteading, both for urban and rural areas. What sets this book apart, and what made me buy it, is that it seems very personal and almost homespun. There are many stories and pictures of people and their own urban gardens. It is so nice to see pictures of people and their actual yards. Plus they feature many drawings of how they’ve laid everything out in their yards, where they put the raised beds and the chicken coop etc. which I find very helpful.
What I also liked is that it features projects that are a little different from what you normally see, like making cob buildings, lacto-fermented sodas, keeping quail, making your own bee veil, growing medicinal herbs, making a compost toilet and lots more unique ideas.
I think it could be easily said that with this recent move we are safely out of an urban area and smack dab into a rural setting, yet this book got us out and experimenting. The boys and I gathered all the materials needed to make cob: clay mud, straw and sand.  In the shade of a walnut tree we got to work making this little sun and a few bricks one summer day. It was very fun! And I also experimented around with making a peach ginger fermented soda. The pictures of the gardens made me get outside and plant some more seedlings.
So I decided you need this book too. No matter where you live, either in a rural or urban setting, no matter if you live here in Sonoma or halfway across the world, you’d benefit from this book. Just leave me a comment and next Wednesday, September 21st (our anniversary, see lots of celebrating going around) I’ll draw a winner at random. Sound good?

Much luck to you!


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