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the Sonoma Aroma

Woowee! Dispatch from this Sonoma garden reports that this morning the Sonoma Aroma is alive and well. It actually made me cough, the smell was so strong when I loaded the kids into the car to go to school. A drive down the road did prove that today was manure spreading day on the fields.
(kent beauty oregano)
While we aren’t spreading liquid manure in this portion of land, we have been doing plenty of compost spreading (had another 5 yards delivered), gypsum sprinkling (helps break up clay soil), and planting. I had collected an entire picnic table full of new seedlings, nursery sale goodies, and transplants from the old garden. Now as I find a spare few minutes I’ve been slowing planting them out.
Many years ago I read a great book called The Well-Tended Perennial Garden, which I learned a lot from. I learned for instance that my favorite thing to do in gardening is to prune. Some people are in it for the watering, some for the digging, some for the careful nurturing, me, I’m in it for the pruning. The most important thing I took away from that book is that when you plant a new perennial (and fall is a good time to transplant or plant), you should cut the plant back by half so that the plant can concentrate on building a good root system rather than expend it’s energy keeping all that foliage alive.
I am completely replanting the front flower bed and once the plants are in, we’ll put in our new irrigation system, which I will share with you. But for now, here are a few pictures around the yard:
(amaranth between the asparagus and tomatoes)
(new life among the old artichokes)
(the chickens now can go in an out as the please)
(the melon bed nearing it’s end)


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