Autumn in the garden

Autumn, my very favorite time of year!
Angel Wing Begonia

(my two begonias, which I’ve had for about 9 years now, gifted from friends and family)

(the walnuts are starting to fall on our newly mulched paths / standing amongst the eucalytus bark)

(bizarre looking fungus that appeared in the first rain)

(the seedlings are in the ground)

Wishing you all a warm cozy start to autumn!

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8 responses to “Autumn in the garden

  1. Gorgeous pics. Is it true that nothing can grow under a eucalyptus tree? I heard that, but I live in the east. No such tree here. 🙂

  2. jengod

    The fungus looks like a variety of “chicken of the woods.”

  3. mims

    BRIGHT HARBINGER OF FALL, Laetiporus sulphureus: AKA The Sulfur Shelf or Chicken Mushroom.

  4. Enjoy your autumn, it’s my favourite time of year as well although heading into spring over here is a pretty exciting thing too!

  5. I love all the moistness in the shots- I can almost smell & feel that air. LOVE IT.

  6. KimH

    Is that last shot a pic of poison ivy? It looks like it from here.. :-0

  7. Analita

    I love autumn, too. It’s a toss up with spring, though.

  8. These pictures are lovely! Isn’t it funny how the cold and damp days are really the only ones where we get to enjoy being so cozy and warm? 🙂

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