at least there’s…


It’s been a long week or two around here but the air is starting to clear. We got into this vicious cycle of fixing one thing and as a result having two other things break, you know those cycles. For instance take the car in for an oil change and find out it needs a full day of servicing. Make pear cider for the enjoyment of all, only to see that half of it explodes all over your garage covering all your belongings in a thin coat of sugary stickiness (can’t wait to see the ant infiltration after this!). Indulge in having some new flooring installed only to realize the reality of having to shorten all the doors and cut/paint/install all new baseboard. Light bulbs keep burning out. One kid got strep. You know the drill.

But at least there is seeing your little ones learn how to fish.


And walks in a fall vineyard.

And foggy concerts in Golden Gate Park.

And lomography.

Hope all is well functioning in your world!

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6 responses to “at least there’s…

  1. I’m still cleaning up and making repairs to my home in the aftermath of hurricane Irene. Yes, I feel you, sister. 🙂

  2. You know my sister is thinking about moving near you. . . so many great things. My little ones are all about fishing now too. Maybe it’s the season. And we’re still dealing with all of the stuff. Hang in there.

  3. Dan

    Hey, I love your blog! My favorite things are the pictures. And I’m just wondering… how did you get those pictures to be like that? The way they are repeated side by side?
    P.S. I’m sorry that things keep going wrong in your house, I know how you feel. Last week my sister’s car was broken into and it just got towed yesterday.

  4. It does seem to spiral doesn’t it? Here everytime we try and lay a new piece of pipe for irrigation or clear an area that we think is finished, we hit an old pipe. I could probably own a plumbing shop by now! Hope it settles – and soon!

  5. Little one’s fishing! I love it already. Nothing like keeping today’s children off the iPads and gaming consoles I say (not that I have any kids of my own … yet). Particularly found your blog because of your Lomographs. My favorite is the first shot. Hope things start turning up for you and all the stuff you gotta get round to fixing at home!

  6. I just love your blog! Thought I’d offer a potential nontoxic solution to preventing your anticipated ant infiltration (based on peppermint oil). I recently had an ant attack myself and they are not fun, but I used this and have not had a recurrence. Anyway, here is the link to the info on my blog in case it helps:

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