View Out the Windows


What a nice Thanksgiving weekend we had. The weather has been spotty. Sometimes rainy, we’ve had plenty of fog and even some beautiful sunshine. All of it must have made me stay inside, because when I downloaded my recent pictures this morning, many were pictures looking out windows, like this one. Even in the few short days since I took this photo, that maple tree has turned to all yellow and red. It’s gorgeous out there! The favas are starting to pop up, the walnuts are pretty much all harvested, and Scott has been trellising more berries and grapevines.

Outside one of our bedroom windows is this pomegranate tree. I’ve always wanted a pomegranate tree, but could never find a place in our old garden. When we moved in this tree (or are they technically bushes?) had hundreds upon hundreds of blooms. I was starting to get worried about just how many pomegranates we’d get, but most fell off before setting fruit. We did however end up with enough pomegranates to fill a 10lb potato bag. With our recent rains we had to harvest them all because they were beginning to crack, and if left cracked on the tree they rot. What a waste that would be.

So we’ve been eating them in snacks and especially in salads with freshly cracked walnuts and blue cheese. So good! What’s especially good is cutting them in quarters and juicing them with the help of our Juice King! Now I’m off to find some recipes for pomegranate cocktails for tonight!

I have something fun to share with you tomorrow and we are currently working on a new culinary project, which I’ll share with you soon!


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9 responses to “View Out the Windows

  1. Jennie

    How neat! I’ve always wanted a pomegranate tree, but there’s no way it would survive in my zone 5…. Maybe someday I’ll have one in a greenhouse. 🙂

  2. Check out bleubird vintage blog (spelled bleu) for a post yesterday w/ pomegranate cocktail 😉

  3. I keep thinking of buying a tree, but the people at the nursery said they wouldn’t grow here. . . I’m not 100% convinced.
    My neighbors have a Juice King, too! Neat gadget.

  4. Ha, Kendra, we think alike! I was pondering over Thanksgiving on just where to plant a pomegranate tree in your old yard! I was just reading a wonderful article in the latest Edible magazine about them and how perfect our climate is for them. Hmm, I’ll let you know if I find a spot! Dave just rolled his eyes and said “Don’t you have enough fruit trees?!”

  5. I’ve never tried a real pomegranate. I’ve only purchased the juice. I’ve got to try one. You inspire. Thanks

  6. Cathy

    Wow, I hope we find a place with so many established trees/bushes/plants when we move…sounds like you struck the jackpot, since you are willing to work at gardening. Enjoy those pomegranates!

  7. Rose Wright

    Hello! Happened upon your blog whilst looking for Christmas labels and found so much more. Thanks, also, for the beautiful posts of your scenery. As a former Bay Area resident now living in Dallas your pics make me even more homesick 😉

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