Notes from Our Weekend

Thrifted Typewriter
pig tails
The number of weekend days we’ve spent in our new house relaxing and being productive in that purely enjoyable weekend way, we can count on one hand I think. But today marked the end of the last big project (the roof) and therefore, hopefully, a bit of relaxation. Just a few images of this weekend….
:: a thrifted typewriter for the boys
:: a girl in pig tails for the first time! (why didn’t you tell me it’s so fun to have a girl?)
:: my virgo-ness meets my holiday cookie obsession and results in exactly 2″ square cookies
:: very fancy weekend appetizers with a very fancy martini (local gin, we sacrifice for local eating/drinking you know)
:: just arrived christmas cards around the big mirror and little boys behind me cutting snowflakes. a very good day.
(just realized that this picture of me looks exactly like the one to the left. that was three + years ago and i’m still going without shampoo…should write about that more some day)


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11 responses to “Notes from Our Weekend

  1. You’re a very pretty lady. And, YES! little girls in pigtails are the funnest!!

  2. Michelle

    Wonderful pictures of a wonderful weekend -I hope more of your weeks are like this!

  3. little girl pigtails are the cutest !

  4. Looks lovely and relaxing. Except for the cookies, which look a little . . . precise to be relaxing.

  5. Mandy G

    Speaking of going without shampoo. I’m pretty much addicted to your blog these days and am slowly gathering/ordering the necessary supplies to make various items that you have posted here (i.e. lotions, deoderant, chapstick). In regular obession fashion I began my no shampoo venture this weekend; however, last night I used the water/baking soda rinse last night. I didn’t notice anything major while my hair was wet but once it dried it was a gritty mess. It felt horrible to the touch and was hard to brush. I didn’t add any conditioner after the rinse and that may need to be a step I add in although I was hoping to completely move away from commercial hair products. My mixture was 2.5 tablespoons to 2 cups of water. Do you think adding more water to delute would help with this problem? I just hated the way my hair felt after–not sure I could stick with it if this is the norm. Thanks!

    • asonomagarden

      Hi Mandy, thanks for your note! For the hair, next time, try a weaker dilution of baking soda. More like 1T. baking soda to 1.5c. water. Then after you rinse your hair with that, pour a 50:50 solution vinegar to water solution over your hair. That should help a bit. Still there will be a little bit of grittiness for the next week or two. Then you should be in the clear. Hope that helps!

      • Mandy G

        Thank you so much for such a prompt reply! I will delute my mixture and use the vinegar/water solution as well. I can definitely deal with the gritty feeling as long as I know it won’t last forever!

  6. Ah, sigh. Looks like you had such a nice weekend! And I’m glad your roof is done. That is HUGE.

  7. oh, yum! btw, you look mahvelous, dahling!

  8. I’ve just discovered your blog & I’m SMITTEN. As a writer, I am so digging the typewriter. As mom to an almost-3-year-old, I remember the joy of 1st pigtails & (recently) braids. As a person who has recently moved to your neck of the woods, I am in awe of the beauty & your photos. As a vegetarian, I share the passion for organically grown everything. And I, too, appreciate & love to explore things homemade & handcrafted. Love, love, love.

  9. Mel

    I have been off shampoo and conditioner for a year now, partly because of your blog and few others that have talked about it. Thank you!! My hair looks and feels great, more body than I ever had before as well.

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