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another common (albiet sweet) scene around here


Teacher gifts. Every single year I fret to the very last minute about pulling these homemade gifts together, never knowing if my random bits of homemade nonsense will really pan out into some sort of thing resembling a unified gift. This year, at least visually, it came together at the eleventh hour.

Gosh darn it, I lost the link to this chai recipe I found on pinterest. From a woman who went to India and learned how to make it there herself. Anyway it’s divine! 2T. black tea + 2 1/2 T. sugar + 1 t. each: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, whole peppercorns, whole cloves. Boil on and off for a handful of minutes in 1-1/2 c. milk + 1-1/2 c. water. Then strain into a mug and enjoy! Really. So good!

I’m picky about my fudge. There tends to be a gritty texture in a lot of the fudge world and I don’t much like it. This recipe I learned as a wee adolescent from my mom and it’s perfect. And super simple. (3/4 bag each: semi sweet + milk chocolate chips melted slowly with one can of sweetened condensed milk. Take off heat and add 1/2t. salt and 1t. vanilla. Spread into 8″ pan lined with parchment. Take out and cut with a pizza cutter. Store at room temperature.)

I’m go forward with reassurance that I’m not the only one making a mess of the kitchen this week! Happy Baking!


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