Fresh Starts


How were your holidays? Ours were very nice. It’s hard to believe that they are gone. That whole Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years flew by like a storm! But this week, it’s back to school and back to work. The mornings are a little rough. Good thing for homemade bread, salted caramel pear butter, and handmade mugs to get us started.

Happy 2012 to you!


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6 responses to “Fresh Starts

  1. Oh, baking. I miss baking. Not that I was ever great at it, but I love the smell of the house while it is happening. Your bread looks delicious. I hope your Christmas was merry and your new year, the happiest. 🙂

  2. School — I keep reminding my kids that we are going back on schedule tomorrow. Ha. It would be so much easier if they were leaving. . . the mugs make me smile. My tea tastes best in my favorite mug.

  3. Julia A

    Ahh, foggy and cold winter Sonoma mornings. I miss Sonoma Market and Basque Boulangerie- we have recently moved to New Jersey…

  4. Lauren

    Is it cold in Sonoma? Here in CT it is chilly!!! Tonight it’s down to -4 with the wind chill. But that picture is warm and cozy. Perhaps a warm loaf of home made bread will be just the thing to warm us up.

  5. Jennifer

    Ohh, I would love the recipe for your bread and caramel pear butter! We have loads of pear trees so I’m always looking for more pear recipes. I made pear chutney, pear sauce, pear jam and bourbon poached pears that I canned for Christmas gifts. My kids would flip for salted caramel pear butter.

  6. Melissa

    ooooo salted pear butter? sounds awesome! I made a cardamon pear butter this year but wasn’t a huge fan. I’ll keep this on the list for next year!

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