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Looks like we’re getting serious here. Meet John.

Well folks, it appears as if we are really doing this thing now. Today, we brought home a tractor.


Ever since we first got serious about this property the word ‘tractor’ has come up often between us and with friends and family. ‘When are you getting a tractor?’ is what everyone wants to know. Much like when you first get married and everyone wants to know when you are going to have a baby, people wanted to know when the tractor was coming. I hemmed and hawed. Geez, we have a neighbor that is happy to mow when we need it with his tractor. And what’s wrong with a shovel and a little hard work anyway? But who am I to stand in the way of a man and his tractor. Isn’t that half the fun of having some property having the excuse to get a tractor? Scott has been researching for months now and finally the right one appeared just a few miles north of us. This is a nice little one, with a front blade, mower, rototiller and a dump cart, perfect for our needs.
We dropped off the kids this morning, filled up the coffee mug and headed north to pick up a truck and trailer to haul it in. The truck had country music already playing on it when we got in, a song about a tractor none-the-less, and we headed back down beautiful highway 12 down into Glen Ellen. The place we picked it up from was a 3.5 acre farm tucked into a small valley surrounded by olive trees, fruit trees, and a greenhouse getting filled with flats to start kale seeds. It took some tricky driving and some muscle but between four of us we got her loaded and brought her home.
I still remained a little skeptical about it until I sat down in the tractor seat…. You know, I think this might just be quite fun! Get ready to see some serious growing this year!


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